Principal's Message

“You are unique, unlike anyone else on this earth, with your own special talents and gifts”

The team of LIA hails you with all their might develop devotion for learning; if you do it, will never cease to grow. “Learning is an eternal phenomenon”. LIA is not mere a school but a pious place where ‘the cradle of wisdom lies’. Education is vital instrument of national purpose and the quality of education is inescapably involved in the quality of the nation. The life at LIA school moves rapidly, with many changes witnessed at almost every turn. All wings viz. primary, middle & secondary have been nimble footed in hosting scholastic and co-scholastic enterprises. Whiter than white and geared up management as well as staff benevolently reinforces students in view to success them, attain the pinnacle of perfectionism and professionalism. We perceive the magnificence of coeval maturity. The salad days are carefully scrutinized and sculpted to divulge the most efficient person in a student. Our students are called “burgeoning buds”, we stand our pupils to hoopla their future aspirations.  We inculcate in students multifarious activity so there grasping power is independent to apprehensions and sensibility within themselves by myriad practical exposure. “Give a child a fish; you have fed him for a day. Teach a child to fish; you have fed him for life time”. We are adhered to sustain and attain a multifarious mission “meditate to rejuvenate, regenerate and radiate to provide quality education and character development of our pupils”. “We are for deeds not merely for words” so our school has built a tradition which incorporates in its milieu all that are universally thought, words and deeds. May the Omnipresent invigorate us to reach insurmountable height of success and stature.

Jagdish Sankhla