Middle School

The LIA Middle School has developed a programme to address the unique learning styles of young students at a crucial stage in their development. It provides a transition from the protective, guided environment of the first programme to the departmentalised high school. It is a programme designed for the unique needs of Middle Grade Scholars.


The Middle School works to provide a balance between attention to basics, coverage of necessary skills and knowledge. At this stage students explore a wide variety of interests and experiences. The curriculum is based on a core of courses in English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, third language and the arts.


The Middle School English language arts programme stresses the basic skills of reading, writing, spelling, grammar and vocabulary, as well as creative writing and an appreciation of literature. Fifth grade students read independently and write in journals and various literary formats to develop fluency. Since writing is integral to learning, fourth and fifth graders are encouraged and directly instructed to rethink, rearrange and polish their words.